Thursday 4 July 2019

Snapdeal offers success-linked ad option to sellers

Snapdeal offers success-linked ad option to sellersNew Delhi, E-commerce platform Snapdeal has introduced 'Pay-Per-Transaction' model of advertising for its sellers.

The sellers who advertise on Snapdeal would have to pay only when they successfully complete an order triggered by the advertisement under this model, Snapdeal said in a statement.

About 10,000 sellers have already signed up for the postpaid model, accpording to the online platform.

"To create a 'Pay Per Transaction' campaign, sellers can go to the 'Advertise' tab in the seller panel and choose campaign type to 'Postpaid'. The seller then selects the category and sub-category to start the campaign," 

As per Snapdeal, with the launch of the postpaid model, sellers will be able to improve sales without any upfront marketing investment. 

Snapdeal also offers a prepaid, 'Pay-Per-Click' model, which allows sellers to enhance their visibility on the app and website.

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