Tuesday 1 March 2016

Shopclues’ latest ad campaign likens the site to a bazaar; brings in fresh perspective

Funky and new is the order of the day. Shopclues has launched a brand new fun ad campaign titled ‘Mallnahimarket’ (it’s not a mall, it’s a market). The latest ads, created by Enormous Brands, a Mumbai based ad agency, is an attempt to reach out to the bargain-happy Indian shoppers. Shopclues is trying to disassociate with the concept of the online marketplace being a sophisticated mall, and convey that it is more like an Indian bazaar, where bargains are the order of the day.
Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner of Enormous Brands says that the campaign is all about speaking in a colloquial manner, “shopping at a market is a more culturally-rooted experience for most Indians. ShopClues has always drawn a parallel to bazaar experiences that appeal to the masses. #MallNahiMarket aims to meet consumer expectations and does so in a relatable and colloquial tone and manner.”

It is a market, and it is good on your pocket

The two taglines that Shopclues is highlighting in this campaign are #good on pocket, and #mall nahi market. The ad’s jingle goes, ‘yeh mall nahi hai, market hai, yeh good for the pocket hai’ (it’s not a mall, it’s a market, and it’s good for the pocket).
Nitin Agarwal, AVP of marketing at Shopclues, says the idea of the campaign is to highlight the company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
He says, “Through the new ad campaign, our key endeavour is to reinstate ShopClues’ brand positioning as the ultimate marketplace for the value-conscious shoppers. We want to emphasize on replicating the bazaar-like familiarity and experience on online and mobile platforms. On our platform customers can expect the biggest product range and price points that remind them of their favourite markets. This USP of our brand is what we wish to drive home through our latest TVCs.”

Creative campaigns to reach out to shoppers

Everybody is trying to reach out to the inherent spirit of the shopper. Amazon is aggressively trying to hit a note in its recent campaign, which uses local phrases to reach the shoppers. Flipkart is also bringing in the human element in its latest campaign, titled ‘#EveryoneOnFlipkart’.
Having a striking element in an ad campaign is more likely to ensure brand recall with the buyers. One such example is the Amul moppet. The idea has been so seamlessly brought together with the brand that it is impossible to think of Amul without the chubby little girl with her witty observations on current affairs.

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