Friday 11 March 2016

Ecommerce Companies use CRM systems, Sentiment Analysis to Save Online Reputation

When it comes to social media, etailers are always on their toes because a brand reputation crisis is just a viral Twitter tweet or Facebook update away. Remember the Twitter banter about Flipkart-Airtel Zero net neutrality fiasco or the Aamir Khan- Snapdeal controversy?
As social media reviews drive ecommerce conversions and can also drive away potential customers, none of the online players can afford to ignore even a single negative review.
That’s why ecommerce companies are adopting a mix of social media centric strategies to save their online reputation.

Social Media Managers that keep constant watch

Managing social media pages is no longer just about sharing 2-3 updates daily. It’s a demanding job profile in today’s times, where managers have to respond quickly, keep track of the issue and minimize/control damage in matter of few minutes. This is not a one-person job, as it requires a team that can monitor all social media platforms round-the-clock.
Prem K Viswanath, co-founder of Cloudcherry, a Chennai-based analytics firmsaid, “Social media is probably the biggest driver for brand awareness and image building today—and the cheapest too (almost free). It’s also a great platform for lead generation and sales, but that comes a long while after establishing a great presence. As a start-up, it’s a no-brainer to invest in not just a social media presence, but to also constantly monitor what people are saying.”

Using technology to classify social media feed

The sheer number of posts related to ecommerce leaders is overwhelming. So technology had to intervene to control the buzzing social media.  Firms use tools such as CRM systems and run sentiment analysis on customer data to categorize feedback, customize offers and design advertising campaign.
“Social media is an essential part of listening to our customer’s voices and engaging with them. We have an objective of responding to users within five minutes There are over 30 types of issues and feedback categories that are analysed for sentiment. This data helps analyse the feedback about the Snapdeal App, offers, advertisements and supply chain among other customer issue categories,” revealed Mohit Sadani, VP- Growth at Snapdeal.
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help etailers to trace the source of review and take timely action. This tool converts social media chatter into individual tickets, which makes it easier for etailers to respond, resolve and keep track.
Kali Shukla, VP Marketing at Helpchat explained the system by stating, “(The CRM) has an advanced ticketing system that automatically creates all actionable (chatter) into tickets (for the company to respond). This helps in building accountability in the system. The data related to online mentions of Helpchat is captured and the tickets are created.”

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