Monday 16 September 2019

Customer ratings to play larger role in sellers' sales on Snapdeal

Customer ratings to play larger role in sellers' sales on SnapdealNew Delhi: Snapdeal - India's leading value-focused online marketplace - is using data analytics to link the business prospects of sellers on its platform with the way buyers rate the products sold by the sellers.

Each buyer on Snapdeal can rate their purchas es, rating them between 1-5 stars. The rating for each product, along with the number of users who have rated the product is displayed to all users on the marketplace.

Sellers with products that are highly rated by the consumers are more likely to have greater visibility in the search results, which mostly leads to more sales for such seller's vis-a-vis other sellers.

The platform systemically reduces the visibility of the sellers selling products with poor ratings and removes the sellers from the platform on account of repeated performance issues and violations of platform terms and conditions.

"The ratings and reviews by millions of Snapdeal buyers is the most powerful and authentic way of guiding users on the marketplace platform. Such ratings help buyers browse, assess and decide between various product-price options available on the platform. A direct linkage between current performance and future business prospects aligns the interests of buyers, sellers, and the platform", said Snapdeal.

To prevent any misuse of the rating process, only buyers who have purchased a product can do a rating and only one rating is permitted per purchase.

Since the rating process also captures the number of buyers who have rated the product, it also serves as a valuable guide towards the bestsellers, which is useful for new buyers and is an important reference point in the purchase of unbranded goods.

Nearly twelve million listings on Snapdeal received customer ratings in the last eight months. With this data-driven exercise, Snapdeal is looking at highlighting high-quality sellers and is also based on customer ratings, looking at weeding out low-quality sellers, including those who misuse the platform to sell counterfeit goods

Snapdeal is among India's top three largest e-commerce marketplaces. More than 70 million users visit Snapdeal every month to browse and buy from amongst the 200 million listings by more than 5,00,000 registered sellers on the market-place.

Snapdeal's focus on the unbranded segment has vastly expanded the options for both the buyers and sellers. Customers get a deep choice of affordable goods online, better than the choices available offline. The sellers also gain immensely by selling to a much larger nationwide audience, which is beyond the reach of their physical bazaars.

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