Monday 23 September 2019

Amazon doubles storage capacity in state, unveils largest fulfilment centre

Amazon doubles storage capacity in state, unveils largest fulfilment centreKolkata: on Thursday launched its largest fulfilment centre (FC) in Bengal near Kolkata, doubling its storage capacity, augmenting its processing and delivery system to enhance customer experience ahead of the festive season.

“The new FC at Ranihati on Amta Road near Kolkata has more than 750,000 cubic feet of storage space and will enable faster deliveries of customer orders within the region and neighbouring states. With this infrastructure, now has storage capacity of more than 2 million cubic feet spread across five fulfilment centres in West Bengal,” Akhil Saxena, vice president (India Customer Fulfilment), Amazon India, told TOI.

Following the launch, Bengal now has 10% of Amazon’s 50 Fulfilment Centres across the country with a combined storage space of more than 26 million cubic feet.

“The new infrastructure will help us support small and medium businesses in the region to fulfil their customer orders seamlessly. Our deep investments in the state will also create thousands of opportunities for employment. These associates will help in augmenting our capabilities to serve our customers better and enable us to consistently deliver best in-class customer experience,” Saxena added.

When using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), sellers across India send their products to Amazon’s FCs and once an order is placed, Amazon picks, packs and ships the order to the customer, provides customer service support and manages returns on behalf of the sellers. The FC in West Bengal will cater to customer demand for products in categories such as Smartphones, Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Fashion and Consumables (FMCG).

Earlier this month, announced the expansion of its delivery network across the country. In West Bengal, the company has close to 85 Amazon-owned and Service Partner delivery stations, which is a 1.5x increase in delive ry network from last year. Additionally, Amazon India also doubled the processing capacity of its Sort Centers in the state from 50,000 sq ft in 2018 to more than 1,00,000 sq ft this festive season.

Amazons in Bengal

• 5 fulfilment centers in West Bengal with more than 2 million cubic feet of storage space.

This is a 2x increase in storage capacity from 2018

• 3 Sort centers in the State. Doubled the processing area from 50,000 sq. ft. in 2018 to more

than 100,000 square feet this festive season.

• Close to 20000 sellers in West Bengal

• Presence of close to 85 Amazon owned and Service Partner delivery stations in the State.

This is 1.5x increase in delivery network from last year

• More than 1000 ‘I Have Space’ stores in West Bengal

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