Friday 27 November 2015

Product comparison app launched for marketplaces, to bring out their best
Silicon Valley start-up, ShopInSync is making a beeline for the Indian ecommerce ecosystem. Through its app it aims to offer online customers in the country a shopping experience that will let them make a more informed decision when purchasing products from Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and similar online companies of that ilk, by combining multiple features.
“The product solves important consumer pain points and makes purchasing easier,” said Vijay Ragavan, an angel investor in ShopInSync and Chief Technology Officer at Jabber Labs.

How it works?

  • ShopInSync’s app will allow buyers to compare products based on price listings, ratings and recommendations
  • Customers can then communicate information using the integrated chat option to finalise a purchase decision
  • Finally buyers will be redirected to the site of the online marketplace they wish to purchase their product from
It is hoped this will provide a more human-like consulting process than simply being presented with static screen shots. If the customers friend or family has not installed the ShopInSync app, they can still collaborate through WhatsApp, twitter, email or SMS by forwarding the product link.
“We designed ShopInSync to serve the unique needs of the Indian shopper. While comprehensiveness and finding the best value are among the top factors, a majority of purchase decisions are made in consultation with family and friends. With ShopInSync, we aspire to bridge both these worlds and bring a seamless, comprehensive and connected shopping experience,” said Raj Ramaswamy, co-founder, ShopInSync.

Will the ecommerce marketplaces play ball?

ShopInSync aims to make money from the app by charging affiliate brands to advertise their products in its featured section. ShopInSync is first launching a version on the Google Playstore and after a few weeks will release it for iOS customers. ShopinSync is currently scouring the country to create synergy with more online marketplaces and also hopes it will be accepted into their databases in return for pushing a healthy number of sale prospects their way.
“We are driving traffic to them. The decision is made on ShopInSync, so once users move on to an Amazon or Flipkart, they are there to make an assured final purchase,” explained Ramaswamy.
By tying up with more online marketplaces, ShopInSync will increase its product range, which will in turn have a knock on effect for all you online sellers out there, by generating more sales leads.  Judging by ShopInSync’s product comparison offering, only the cream of the crop will rise to the top.

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