Friday 27 November 2015

Online Lingerie Store frequented by men; account for nearly 25% of the market
In April this year, Richa Kar, Founder & CEO of online lingerie leader Zivame had shared with IndiaOnlineSeller, “Male customers form a growing segment in our business.”
7 months down the line it still holds true as a large chunk of online lingerie buyers are men, according to this ETRetail report.

Men frequent online lingerie store for gifts

Unlike physical lingerie stores where men would enter only if accompanied by a woman, the online space allows them to shop for their wives, girlfriends without any hesitation.
Besides birthdays and anniversaries, other occasions when male population rely on online lingerie stores to buy gifts are Valentine’s day and around wedding season. They account for nearly 25% of the market. And this number goes up during holiday and wedding season.
Clovia’s founder Neha Kant who revealed 25% of their shoppers are menadded, “The figure touches almost 40% during the November to February period -the wedding season in many parts of the country, and hence also the wedding anniversary season. Many of these orders ask for gift wrapping.”
Kar also said the same thing, “It picks up during Valentine’s Day. Anniversaries and birthdays are other occasions when men pick up lingerie.”
Discreet online shopping experience has made this possible
While speaking to IOS, Zivame’s founder had said, “With the category present online now, they get to save the embarrassment, select in a private ambience, seek consultation if necessary and spend more time choosing what they want.”
This is exactly why men who always wanted to buy lingerie for their loved ones are happy with the growth of online lingerie stores. Features such as wide variety, size guides, blogs, style tutorials, and free consultation on such portals makes it easy for them to make an informed purchase.
The online lingerie market is still a niche segment but is growing steadily. One such indicator is the growth of market leader Zivame. The company not onlyraised Rs. 250 crore funds from a host of investors, but also caught Ratan Tata’s attention and successfully launched various TV ad campaigns.

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