Thursday 4 August 2016

Shopclues alerts Online Sellers about delayed returns due to heavy rains & political unrest!
Many states in the country are experiencing torrential downpours, this season. The heavy rains have resulted in water logging, landslides and floods. This, in turn, has affected Shopclues’ reverse shipping process. The online marketplace made sure to apologise and inform its online sellers about the same via email on Wednesday.

What should you expect?

Shopclues said returns to origin (RTO) will be delayed by at least 1 week since their shipping systems have been affected by a great extent.
As for those who are expecting returns from Jammu & Kashmir will also face delays. Shopclues stated through their email that the area, particularly Srinagar, has been facing political disturbances for the past 15 to 20 days. The overflowing of river Tavi has resulted in a flood as well, adding to their shipping troubles. As a result, all RTO deliveries from Jammu & Kashmir areas have been blocked.
Shopclues sellers who have returns due from UP and Delhi/NCR will also experience RTO delays. UP’s unannounced Kanwar Yatra has set off a state of disruption throughout the state and the NCR area. All kind of vehicular movement on NH-58 has been terminated. This means Shopclues’ courier partners are also unable to function and process shipments.

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