Tuesday 30 August 2016

How does Snapdeal’s Buyer Seller Message feature work?

Online sellers constantly talk about online product returns, how they are on the rise and how they keep eating into their profits. If it were possible to interact with online shoppers, sellers claim online retail would be much easier on them.
Snapdeal is making this dream come true for online sellers with the introductions of a new buyer chat facility.

Snapdeal’s Buyer Seller Message  feature

In an email, Snapdeal alerted its online sellers that continuous attempts to enhance the seller experience, have resulted in a new buyer-seller message feature. Buyers can use it to interact with sellers regarding partial deliveries, non-delivery of freebies and so on.
Sellers can use this feature to minimise returns and replacements by addressing customer concerns. Any buyer misconceptions and doubts can be clarified. This way the buyer is fully informed and untrue expectations of the product are corrected thereby curbing returns.

How to activate the Buyer Seller Message feature?

On the Snapdeal seller zone app, merchants can activate the message feature by:
  1. Clicking “Profiles & Setting” on the navigation menu.
  2. Switching on “Receive Buyer Message”.
For the Snapdeal seller panel, online vendors can activate the message feature by:
  1. Clicking the :Security Settings” option on the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the dashboard page.
  2. Switching on “Receive Buyer Message”.
This is a very easy to use feature from Snapdeal that the seller controls. It can be switched on as mentioned above and switched off as well.

Terms of operation

Snapdeal informs online sellers through the Snapdeal training academy, that only a buyer can initiate a chat with the seller. That too, only after the product has been delivered to him. Messages sent will be product specific.
Sellers must reply to the buyer within 24 hours. If not return or replacement will be initiated. The message status will change to not replied and the matter will be escalated. Then the Snapdeal customer experience team will contact the buyer to confirm the return or replacement request.
If the buyer and seller reach a consensus, the seller must click the resolve button, which will provide the buyer with an option on his screen prompting him to accept or reject the solution reached. If the buyer rejects the resolution, it will be sent to Snapdeal’s customer experience.
Have you tried out Snapdeal’s Buyer Seller Message feature? What was your experience with the service?

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