Monday 15 August 2016

Paytm makes inter-state shipping easy for online sellers!

Most sellers join online retail to sell pan India. The limited financial requirements in this business make it easy to expand pan India. However, interstate shipping can be a difficult task when it come to different state rules and regulations.
Paytm wants to help sellers perform well on its platform, even when they sell across the country. For smooth selling across the nation there are certain rules that must be observed. As a result, Paytm emailed the sellers on its platform informing them that inter-state entry forms are mandatory according to state laws and these forms will be available on its seller panel.

How to use these forms?

  1. Head to the Paytm Seller Panel and download the forms
  2. Sign the forms and stamp your company stamp on them
  3. Paste the forms to your packages before handing over to the courier partner
(Obtained from Paytm email to online sellers)
(Obtained from Paytm email to online sellers)

In case of absence of inter-state entry forms

Should online sellers not attach the required forms before shipping their products to another state, the parcel may be:
  • Held up at the courier sorting hub
  • Seized by sales tax authorities, resulting in hefty penalties
  • Returned by courier partner

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