Tuesday 23 August 2016

Amazon offers free services to sellers, limited period only!

Amazon has multiple initiatives to help its online sellers double up steam for effective online selling. It offers fulfilment services, a global selling program  and other helpful facilities. The online marketplace also offers its sellers specialised services so they have less to worry about when selling over the internet. The various services provided are:
  • Advertising optimizations
  • Amazon Boost
  • Imaging
  • Cataloguing
  • FBA transportations
  • Training
  • Amazon Fly
Out of these services the etailer is providing free imaging and cataloguing for the first 50 products online sellers want to sell on Amazo.in. The online marketplace informed online sellers about this freebie via email, in attempts to popularize it.
Usually, the cost of product imaging and cataloguing depends on the products a seller wants listed. Then there’s the waiting period for the products to become live on the platform.  But with this offer, sellers will have their products live immediately and ready to sell.

Terms and conditions of the offer

According to the email sent out to online sellers about this offer, the following terms and conditions govern the it:
  • This is a limited period offer valid till 11th September 2016 and in selected cities all across the country.
  • Sellers will be allowed to raise interest in the offer only till 28th August 2016.
  • Appointments will be allotted according to the availability of slots, said the email from the Amazon team, alerting sellers about the offer.
  • Raising a request doesn’t necessarily guarantee a free photo shoot and service would be provided on first come first serve basis.
  • Sellers must have at least 30 products to be eligible for this offer.
Have you availed of this offer? How has it benefited your online retail on Amazon

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