Tuesday 23 August 2016

Amazon charges zero processing fees in return for Box Content Information

Setting up an online marketplace involves non-stop innovating. It’s the only way to stay one step ahead of your competition. Amazon has been in the game for a long time and understands how online retail works with consumers and online sellers.
To make the online selling process as painless as possible the etailer introduced fulfilment services. These services allow sellers to maintain high online retail standards and obtain consumer trust.

Amazon requires Box Content Information for efficient Fulfilment abroad!

Amazon is continuously working on the betterment of its fulfilment facility, even for Indian sellers selling abroad. The latest improvement for Amazon fulfilment requests box content information from online sellers. This information allows for efficient movement of goods through Amazon’s fulfilment network and also ensures FBA seller goods are available for sale immediately.
As of 1st November 2016, Indian sellers selling in the US will be required to provide content box details for each box sent to Amazon, stated the etailer in an email to its FBA sellers.

Providing Box Content Information prevents fee deductions

Besides the benefits, providing content box information also helps sellers eliminate payment for manual processing to Amazon. Amazon will charge $0.15 per unit for processing seller box content manually from November to December. The fee will be $0.10 from January to October.
If sellers provide box content information they do not need to pay this fee.

How should sellers provide Box Content Information?

To provide Amazon with box content information, sellers can follow either one of these methods:
Method #1 – Log into Seller Central and enter the required information into the web form available there.
Method #2 – Upload an excel format or tab delimited file on Seller Central.
Method #3 – Apply for a 2D barcode that contains the required box information.
Method #4 – Upload an XML file through Amazon Marketplace Web Services

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