Tuesday 23 August 2016

Product Listing Ads now available on Mr Voonik platform

Indian Online Seller recently brought you the know-how on Voonik’s banner ads called product category ads. The online fashion house wants sellers to use this facility for greater visibility and higher engagement from consumers.
The etailer has now introduced an ad service on its exclusive fashion app for men, Mr. Voonikas well. Through an email, the Mr. Voonik team informed sellers of this new service. Now sellers can showcase their products through product listing ads or PLAs on the platform.

How will Mr. Voonik’s PLAs work?

PLAs are a paid form of promotion on the platform. The PLA program campaign gives the seller control over the number of products advertised. The seller can also select which products he wants to advertise.
Mr. Voonik PLAs will be visible to all of Voonik’s consumers, irrespective of the platform they visit. Once a seller registers for this program, the products he registers for will be viable to the etailer’s category feed and product display images. This in turn is expected to offer maximum visibility.

What are the Benefits of Mr. Voonik PLAs

  • Higher visibility
  • Increase in probability of traffic to the seller’s product category
  • Better chances of sales
For best results online sellers must have a decent number of SKUs and good price ranges. According to the Mr. Voonik team, previous campaign statistics indicate that the cart to buy conversion is higher when products come with good offers.

How does the pricing of this service work?

Just like the PCAs, these ads cost Rs.1 per click on the promoted product. So if a seller opts for a Rs 1,000 budget, he will receive a quota of 1,000 clicks for the product he is promoting.

How to register for Mr. Voonik PLAs?

Sellers can register based on email invitations. The men’s exclusive fashion portal has sent out an email to its sellers with a registration link. The registration done through this link will be considered as confirmation that Mr. Voonik should proceed with the advertisement campaign.
Note, the Mr. Voonik team states that any disputes and changes regarding the matter will not be entertained in the future.

What should participants be aware of?

  1. All ads will be live but timing will depend on first come first serve basis. However, Voonik maintains the right to decide the timing of seller promotions.
  2. Promotions will stop the moment the seller runs out of stock.
  3. Voonik will make the final call on whether or not a product is eligible for promotion.
  4. Not more than four products will be promoted at a time. Should a seller want to promote more than four products at a time he must wait for one of his promotions to get over.
  5. Product promotion slots will be allotted as per Voonik’s discretion. Not requests about the same will be entertained.

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