Thursday 11 February 2016

eBay gives sellers 3 month window to become ‘top rated’

Last month, IOS reported that eBay was upgrading its dashboard and also revamping its Seller Evaluation standards, which received some interesting feedback from online sellers. You can check the article and comments out right here.
The date for the transition was given as 20th February 2016, but now eBay has had a rethink and is giving its online sellers an extended 3 month window to familiarise with the new evaluation standards.

eBay had earlier stated:

Moreover, even after 20th February 2016, we will try to offer support to those sellers who have seen any negative impact on their seller rating for an extended time period.”

The good news is that eBay has confirmed that online sellers will not receive any negative rating as a consequence of the new evaluation standards, until May 20th 2016.

Sellers keep in mind:

>  eBay will consider your account status as of 20th January
If your seller standard on 20th January was classed as ‘top rated’ and your ‘if we evaluated you today’ status is given as ‘below standard’, then it will get overridden and be recorded as ‘top rated’ until 20th May.
>  Please note, the above points are only for negatively impacted accounts
>  If by 20th February your account status is already positively moving in the right direction than that new account status will be taken into consideration
Recently it came to light that the once popular marketplace among online sellers and customers in India is now losing ground. For this latest change in seller evaluation standards, eBay has decided to create educational tools and webinars for its sellers too make a smooth changeover. These small initiatives by eBay will go a long way in rebuilding trust with online sellers.
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