Wednesday 3 February 2016

Amazons’ enables sellers to sell pre-owned goods, leading online marketplace Amazon’s subsidiary, is planning to formally launch the sale of used goods on its site soon. Junglee has been experimenting with the concept of selling used goods since last July.
Junglee is targeting sellers with limited volume and home based businesses to sell online. Buyers can directly interact with the sellers, and pay using Pay with Amazon.

The company offers services for:

  • Individuals who want to sell their used items
  • Small home based sellers
  • Micro-businesses
“Junglee will also promote sale of first-hand goods from small sellers who may not have the scale to list on larger marketplaces and may want to limit their business to one city,” said a spokesperson.
This certainly looks like a platform that small sellers will be able to explore. Those operating from social media pages, those who create limited volume of handmade products, those who are unable to scale up for various reasons will find Junglee a suitable diving board. Sellers can explore options that the site offers.

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