Saturday 4 July 2015

Online shopping on a rise in India: Survey

Online shopping trends in India are expected to continue to grow, made easier and convenient by deep penetration of mobile devices. Consumers indicate that they are likely to shop online more frequently in forthcoming years, said a CBRE India Consumer Survey 2015. 

"A large majority of Indian shoppers anticipate spending more through both online as well as physical retail platforms in coming years. However, a much larger percentage (nearly 80%) of shoppers feel that they are likely to spend more via online shopping routes, in comparison to those who expect to spend more at physical stores," said the survey. 

Out of those who expect to spend more online, nearly 85% are in the age group of 18-24 years. Of those who anticipate spending more in coming years regardless of the retail platform, it is noted that most of their purchases are also expected to be online. 

The consumer survey recently conducted by CBRE in India said almost 70% of the Indian shoppers interviewed feel that they are likely to shop more often from a desktop / laptop; while nearly 60% expect to use tablets / smartphones more often to shop online. 

"With a large majority of the survey respondents preferring to use online platforms more often in coming years, it becomes imperative for retailers in the country to focus more on developing their online presence for a faster penetration into the Indian market," said Vivek Kaul, Head, Retail Services India.

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