Monday 27 July 2015

Amazon wants to build drive-up grocery stores

If you enjoy the luxury of ordering groceries online but would rather not wait at home for your food deliveries, Amazon might soon come to your rescue. Silicon Valley Business Journal understands that Amazon is working on a drive-up grocery store in Sunnyvale, California (a possible concept rendering is shown here) that will rely solely on internet orders -- you'd schedule pickups instead of wandering aisles. Think of it as anAmazonFresh depot that could save you shipping costs while adapting to your schedule.
Amazon isn't commenting on the project, and it's not clear just how many of these stores will pop up. The Sunnyvale experiment is likely to expand to other areas in Silicon Valley, but there's no certainty that it'll ever rival a big chain like Safeway. However, there's no question that the concept makes a lot of sense for Amazon. It eliminates many of the headaches associated with shipping food directly to your door (how do you deliver a mix of fresh and frozen foods, for example?) while giving you an incentive to skip traditional supermarkets. You'd miss out on the joy of discovering tasty treats at the store, but you also wouldn't have to spend more than a few minutes getting your weekly sustenance.

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