Friday 4 November 2016

Amazon to revise seller fees on 22nd Nov; Will it be for or against sellers?
The fees policy at Amazon has begun to change again. The last time we witnessed a significant change in Amazon’s seller charges it was well timed with Flipkart’s. Amazon had slashed its commission fees. Flipkart, on the other hand, had increased commissions making sellers extremely unhappy and some even revolted against the etailer.
This time its Amazon who is raising its seller fees and online seller Samir Ahluwalia says this is bad news for sellers. “The online marketplace has increased its online seller fees for multiple categories this makes it difficult for us,” he claims.
The categories with increased fees are as follows:
Selling on Amazon Referral Fees
Selling on Amazon Referral Fees
Selling on Amazon Closing Fees
Selling on Amazon Closing Fees
The foreign online retail player emailed sellers stating that the festive season was a success and many new consumers joined the marketplace. To continue growing with its sellers the etailer claims it wants to better customer experience in a sustainable manner.
The etailer stated through its email that it is introducing a new fees structure across categories and fulfilment channels.
The fee revisions include:
  1. Discounted FBA weight handling fees
  2. Selling on Amazon Referral fee
  3. Delivery service fee revision for FBA shipments
  4. Selling on Amazon closing fee
  5. Delivery service fee introduction for Amazon EasyShip shipments
  6. Amazon EasyShip shipping fees for oversize items
  7. Zero fulfilment fee for items over Rs. 20,000
  8. Amazon EasyShip shipping fees for heavy and bulky items
  9. First three months free removals
Revised fees will be effective from 22nd November 2016 according to Amazon. So check if your category is affected by the fee structure changes and prepare your product pricing effectively.

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