Monday 22 June 2015

Snapdeal trolls Flipkart's #AcchaKiya campaign

 The country's e-commerce giants have added spice to ambush marketing in the country. Gone are the days when rivals targeted each other cagily, now it's an all out open war - both online and offline. The latest round is between e-commerce majors Snapdeal and Flipkart.

In the latest clash, Snapdeal is hitting at arch-rival Flipkart's ongoing #AcchaKiya campaign. The Bangalore-based e-commerce company has been aggressively pushing this campaign on both online and offline media with TV and newspaper ads as well as regular social media posts.

Trolling Flipkart's campaign, Snapdeal has come up with its 'Accha kiya bata diya' #YahaSeKharido campaign.

And it's not just #AcchaKiya campaign, Snapdeal has also taken a dig at Flipkart's 'ab har wish hogi puri' campaign.

Incidentally, Snapdeal is not just targeting Flipkart on social media, the company's taken its ambush marketing offline too. The company has strategically installed its hoardings just below Flipkart's.

This is not for the first time that country's leading e-commerce companies are engaged in a social media war.

Recently, the CEO's of the two shopping giants were involved in a showdown on Twitter. Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal took a stab at Snapdeal co-founder Rohit

Bansal for reportedly suggesting that India does not have enough software engineering talent of the type it needs in an interview to Wall Street Journal.

Responding to Bansal's comment, Flipkart's Bansal wrote on Twitter: "Don't blame India for your failure to hire great engineers. They join for culture and challenge."

To this Snapdeal CEO responded through a blog post where he claimed he has been quoted out of context. He clarified that while India has "some of the smartest engineers on the planet", building large technology product firms is a more recent phenomenon.

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