Monday 6 October 2014

The Big Sale Day - Monday

While Flipkart claims to have made $10mn (INR 600 crores) in #BillionDay sale, Snapdeal claims that the company has witnessed sales of over a crore rupees a minute, with lakhs of products being sold in a single day.
The company hasn’t shared any number on overall revenue, but over a million Snapdeal apps were downloaded in one day. At a crore per minute, was it close to Flipkart’s 600 crores (assuming 10 hours)?
You have to give in to Snapdeal for a creative marketing campaign and then going big on Twitter/social media – they didn’t spend so much on the marketing campaign (Flipkart did a great job of blocking all media including Radio during the day).
Flipkart Vs. Snapdeal - The Marketing WarFlipkart Vs. Snapdeal – The Marketing War

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