Thursday 16 October 2014

Right back at you! Flipkart buys Diwali dhamaka domain to bust Amazon’s day

This week has seen it all. First Flipkart starting the proceedings for the week by dishing out the Big Billion Day sale, making big moolah, getting trolled by competitors and facing barrage from upset buyers. Round two of this episode, sees Amazon facing backlash from Flipkart which hardly comes as a surprise to anyone.

Anyone managing to sell products with hefty discounts (ranging up to 50% in some cases) are sure to attract negative and positive criticism. Making things a bit more interesting, Snapdeal and Amazon not-so-quietly managed to make a name for themselves amidst the confusion that was a constant feature of the Big Billion day sale on October 6.

Amazon went to the extent of buying the to troll Flipkart's misery in open sight and now, we have Flipkart paying back the favour to the US-based retailer with its purchase of domain that directly takes you to the Flipkart homepage. On the hindsight, Flipkart's deals were much more appealing to consumers with regards to their pricing, in comparison to the deals that were being offered by Amazon today.

At the end of the day, it's hard to comment on who came out as big winners but nevertheless, Flipkart managed to open up sales avenues for the e-commerce fraternity that could become a common sight in the near future. There are lessons to be learnt ( a lot of them) and now we'll have to wait for the next move to happen from these respective online shopping sites.

Update: Turns out, is now redirecting to Amazon India site and Flipkart has no affiliation to the site. The domain is actually owned by person named Anjali from some part of the country (details protected). The domain play was some kind of prank played, keeping the whole e-commerce battle in relevance

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