Monday 4 September 2017

Amazon launches 5th FC in Haryana, to launch another in Hyderabad soon
After the set up of its second fulfilment centre (FC) in Uttar Pradesh, Amazon announced it will be setting up 4 more FCs in the country to extend its logistics network. This month, it launched its fifth FC in Haryana. The US-based etailer has also set aside $63 million for this very purpose.
Adding more fulfilment centres to its network is expected to boost customer experience during the festive season.

What’s different about this FC?

Amazon India Customer Fulfilment vice president, Akhil Saxena said“In line with our vision to transform the way India buys and sells, we have been consistently investing in our infrastructure and delivery network, so we can increase our speed of delivery and provide a superior experience to both – customers and sellers.
With the launch of our 5th Fulfilment Centre in Haryana, we strongly believe that we will be able to better serve our customers with one-day & two-day delivery. The FC will enable sellers use local infrastructure, save capital and help them grow.”
The new FC in Jamalpur, Haryana is huge with:
  • 250,000 square feet storage space (close to 1.2 million cubic feet)
  • 4 floors accommodating 150 aisles
With this new facility in the state, Amazon has a total storage space of almost 3.3 million cubic feet in Haryana. And, in the whole country, it has a total of 41 fulfilment centres expanding in 13 cities.
Saxena also said“With more than 11,000 sellers in Haryana, the selection offered by sellers in the state for immediate delivery has grown more than 600% this year as compared to last year.”
The next fulfilment centre can be expected in October 2017 in the state of Hyderabad. As the festive season nears, the foreign ecommerce company will be letting go of commissions and profit margins. Its installation services will also be extended for more products under its large appliance category.

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