Sunday 19 March 2017

Flipkart’s FY16-17 sales figure to grow by 40%; 2 million products in Amazon’s next-day delivery stock
The game of one-upmanship continues between home-grown ecommerce leader Flipkart and American ecommerce giant Amazon’s India unit. The biggies are locked in a leadership tussle and both want the largest share of the Indian ecommerce pie.
So we have Flipkart boasting about its sales growth rate and Amazon about the size of its inventory.

Flipkart to record 40% sales growth in fiscal year 2016-2017

According to reports, Flipkart’s sales figure in the FY 2016-17 is most likely to increase by 40%. The percentage increase could have been more if not for demonetisation in the month of November and December, according to the etailer.
Flipkart’s COO Nitin Seth said,
“Our growth during the first half of the year was very limited in line with the industry trend. In the second half, particularly after Diwali, our growth took off in a big way barring November and December. We have done much better January onwards and we will end the current fiscal with a close to 40% growth over the previous year.”
With FY2017 close to its end, Flipkart is extremely confident about its growth in the next fiscal year 2017-2018. Seth believes that the company’s FY18 sales would increase by 60%. Flipkart’s business strategies such as expanding in tier 2 & 3 cities, launching grocery category and setting up new delivery units would fuel this growth, according to Seth. Other focus areas would be mobile phones, furniture and large appliances.
As of the now, the Bansals-led company is preparing for its upcoming funding round, amidst series of devaluations.

Amazon has 2 million products in its next-day delivery inventory

With billions in bank and millions in stock, Amazon India is gloating about its next-day delivery inventory. The company has over 2 million products in stock, which enables them to efficiently fulfil Amazon Prime orders and hyper-local business.
Akhil Saxena, VP, India Customer Fulfillment at Amazon India declared,
“Close to 2 million products are available for next day shipping which is by far the highest in the e-commerce industry. We pioneered the concept of premium guaranteed deliveries with the launch of one-day delivery within 6 months of our launch in India. Today we have services like the two day, one day, same day, release day, midnight, Sunday delivery (in over 200 cities) and now morning delivery (in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi/NCR and Hyderabad).”
Indian ecommerce leader Flipkart too is counting big on its grocery business. On the other hand, the firm had to shut its C2C courier and hyper-local delivery service.

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