Wednesday 27 April 2016

Mr Voonik, the fashion marketplace’s mobile app to impress male shoppers

Last year marked the beginning of the app-fever in ecommerce. Some like Myntra moved to an app-only strategy, while the competitors shunned the same. However, everyone voiced the same opinion on mobile commerce and mobile apps – it is here to stay and it is multiplying in popularity.
It’s then no surprise that mobile app is an important step in everyone’s expansion plans. Voonik has been increasing in popularity as a fashion marketplace and seems like the etailer wants to capitalize on the app-fever.

Mr Voonik for the Misters

Voonik has launched Mr Voonik, fashion app exclusively for men’s fashion. Male shoppers will have the following benefits:
  • Wide range of clothing and accessories
  • Save shopping time
  • Personalisation services
  • Style recommendations
Voonik CEO and Co-Founder Sujayath Ali said,
“When we started Voonik some three years ago, we had a clear vision of becoming the country’s largest fashion destination. With over 7 million app downloads and  9 million registered users, we are the among the fastest growing companies in the sector. But I feel this success is incomplete as we have not reached the other half of the fashion consumers, men. So here we are, launching a dedicated fashion platform for men. With the launch of Mr. Voonik, we are solving a big shopping problem for men. Now they will be able to see the clothes that suit their personality and buy without worrying about the price, and without having to spend a lot of time.”

Behind the scenes, the engine

Mr Voonik has been engineered with an advanced style recommendation engine that will understand the shopper’s preferences, personality, lifestyle and even budget. So the recommendation feed will have results based on these, which translate into lesser shopping time.
Right now, more than 1 lakh products are already available on the app. But plans are in place to add 1000 more brands in the coming months.

Smart move?

For now, the move from Voonik certainly sounds interesting. It is a known fact that retail therapy for male shoppers equates to the least shopping time required. With the promise of lesser time to be spent on browsing coupled with the plethora of products on the app, it might just strike the right chord with the target audience.
If you are selling men’s fashion on Voonik, don’t forget to share with the rest of us how this works out for your products.

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