Friday 15 April 2016

E-Commerce Packaging Ideas Your Customers will Love
For a customer, receiving a package from the online retailer is supposed to be a wonderful experience. It is like receiving a gift one bought for oneself some time ago. Although it is probably the most heartwarming part of a business, it is here that most online retailers face an extremely tough test – to humanize the business transaction that took place between the customer and themselves.
The first question that arises is, why the need to do so? The answer to this is simply that online retail, not unlike any other form of retail, works not on the basis of technology, but on the basis of trust. This trust can be fostered by these little things like offering a good returns policy, providing good customer support and cashing on the most touching moment in the business transaction – receiving your parcel.
But at the same time, there are logistical issues that play a huge part. One cannot spend a lot of money or time on packaging, because it is something that needs to be done hundreds of times a day. So the idea is to find cost-effective methods for packaging that would impress your customers at the same time. Here are some great solutions.

Cost Effective Packaging Ideas that would Impress Your Customers

  1. Packaging Material

The most common substrate used for packaging is cardboard. Although services like Amazon and Flipkart have shifted to recyclable plastic for small packages, especially books, cardboard still remains a traditional favorite. One must not forget that cardboard essentially comes from trees. By using paper as your primary packing material, you are indicating to your customers that you are not actively participating in conserving the environment.
A great alternative is using paper manufactured using elephant dung for your packaging. Here and here are a couple of links where you can conduct research on this ingenious idea. Paper made out of elephant poop is cost-effective, helps sustain the environment and will surely make an impression on your customers.
  1. Package Design

While you can pack your product in a box of any design of your choosing, a rectangular box is most cost effective. But then, a rectangular box can be looked at in many ways, can’t it? It can open on top, or on the sides, it can have a detachable lid, or a sliding one; it can be a box within a box, and the list goes on.
Consider hiring a product and packaging designer to create a package for you that suits your product and looks great at the same time. Meanwhile, here are a few amazing things you can do with boxes.
  1. Securing the Product

It doesn’t matter how pretty your packaging looks if the product inside gets damaged in transit. So the first thing you need to do is find a way to secure the product inside the box. Traditional choices include thermocol, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and air pillows. Although we must admit that bubble wrap is a lot of fun, most of these alternatives are not really eco-friendly. Some of them are also extremely messy to deal with. This is a nice alternative, considering that it costs about the same as bubble wrap and is completely biodegradable.
  1. Personalization and Documentation

Personalization doesn’t really need to cost a lot. It can just be a handwritten thank you note, or a small freebie. Anything that can make your customer smile once they open the box is a win for you. Apart from that, it is a good practice to provide documentation like return shipping labels along with your package in case the customer decides to return the product. You get to choose between providing a hard copy or a soft copy of the receipt. If you are going with the eco-friendly theme, soft copy is your best option.

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