Tuesday 10 March 2015

Start-up firm launches e-commerce platform Decide Price

Aiming to encourage the local e-commerce sector, a start-up firm here has launched an online application for merchants, DecidePrice. 

The application will be a help for merchants without websites to start their own e-commerce platforms and also those with existing sites to shift to online retailing, Oglespark Technologies, which has launched the application, said in a statement. 

"DecidePrice is a flexible Internet-based application that allows any merchant to create an online retailing solution of their own without any hassles. It also helps shop owners maintain their own identity in e-commerce (space) without depending on others. 

"DecidePrice can potentially revolutionise local e-commerce. It provides customers the exact location of stores with the image gallery of products, said Oglespark Technologies CEO Rajesh J Nair. 

Customers also have the option of using chat, e-mail or phone interactions to enquire and clarify their doubts about products with the shops," he added. 

The website that DecidePrice will provide the merchants registering with them will have a list of all details of their products and store information. 

The start-up has been launched by three young IT professionals based in Thiruvanathapuram. 

Started by Rajesh J Nair (25), Ajesh Anand (27) and Anil Lookose (25) as a service providing company with focus on web design, Facebook applications and web applications, the company has within a year shifted to developing its own IT products. 

This application provides an easy way for any business to shift into online retailing without incurring the huge cost, usually associated with developing an online retail application that generally runs into lakhs, the promoters said.

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