Thursday 23 April 2020

'Cash on delivery' orders likely to go down post Covid

'Cash on delivery' orders likely to go down post CovidNew Delhi : The number of cash-on-delivery orders is likely to go down as the coronavirus crisis subsides, according to a poll of senior e-commerce industry professionals done by ClickPost.

Around 76 per cent of professionals said that the share of cash-on-delivery orders will go down post-Covid. Further, most of the professionals were of the view that the number QR code based transactions would increase.

The poll also showed that 81 per cent of respondents said that share of e-commerce in India's retail market will increase, driven by both increases in e-commerce sales and decrease in offline sales.

Further, in an online conference hosted recently by ClickPost on the short to medium term impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce, sector players said that that brands should first focus on clearing their inventory as the nationwide lockdown is lifted or the relaxed.

The industry players were also of the view that companies should focus on conserving cash and driving repeat purchase which is usually cheaper than new customer acquisition.