Friday 8 February 2019

After charming adults, Amazon wants to now woo infants with personalised Alexa for smart baby gadgets

 Amazon's Alexa is a popular voice-enabled assistant which the adults surely do love. Now, the company feels the Alexa API needs to be extended to the non-adult tasks (read babies) because a dedicated digital voice assistant API is their birthright.

Developers of smart baby products will now be able to create custom skills for the devices and the related apps that will leverage Alexa, The Verge reports.

This is no way to imply that babies will be able to order products using Alexa with their gurgling sounds. With the new API, hands-free voice control for childcare products and software will be possible for the new parents, such as keeping track of diaper changes.

One of the first companies will be Hatch Baby that will use Baby Activity Skill API, allowing customers to easily log and query activity information using their voice.

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