Wednesday 5 September 2018

How Women Sellers are Breaking Barriers and Selling Online

Women can play multiple roles. At any point in time, they can be mothers, businesspersons, leaders, workers, decision-makers, and much more. Women today are not only breaking stereotypes to better their own lives but also inspiring other men and women around them. Barriers can come in any form. But all it takes to break these barriers is self-confidence and the urge do something. This article explores the story of two such women who broke the shackles of societal pressure and age-old dogmas and paved their path to success by selling on Amazon. Let us watch their stories.

Shilpa breaks patriarchal norms; starts her own business

“The greatest barrier to someone achieving their potential is their denial of it.” – Simon Travaglia. In Shilpa’s case, societal norms played a villainous role but she did not let her circumstances stop her from dreaming big and also achieving those dreams. Belonging to a conservative family and coming from Bhiwani, a small town in Haryana, 24-year-old Shilpa always knew it would be hard for her to convince her parents to let her do higher studies and go to a big city for a job. Beating all the odds, she managed to convince her family to let her complete her studies and do a job of her choice. It was during her stint with various small e-commerce companies, the entrepreneurial bug bit her and she decided to start her own business. But then, she was scared to even think of telling her parents about her decision. So, she started her business without informing her parents and later when her business flourished, she told her parents. To her immense astonishment, her parents are super proud of their daughter breaking all the barriers and achieving her dreams.

‘Age is just a number’ – At 50, Seema takes her hobby online

With a drive to be an independent earner and an aim to employ women to uplift their lives, Seema Bansal, a 50-year-old woman from Bhopal started selling on Amazon. Since her childhood, she has always been interested in keeping her things organised, and doing something creative. But then, the responsibility of raising her kids and managing the family took precedence over following her dreams. After fifteen years of being married, she felt that she should start something of her own. Taking her passion of making creative things out of old or new unused pieces of cloth, Seema started teaching her housemaids the art of sewing organisers or covers for sarees, bangles, shirts, and other items. She began her journey employing one woman and is now employing twelve of them. Her business that started as a hobby is now a full-fledged one witnessing exponential growth. With this growth, she aims to grow her business on Amazon and build a better future for these women.
If these stories inspire you to do something of your own and achieve your dreams, wait no more! Set up your own online store on Amazon for free, and start selling today!

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