Saturday 15 April 2017

Abof introduces Natural Language technology to enhance customer experience
Online fashion retail will soon be at the epicentre of online retail according to experts. So, to make sure they are not left behind, fashion etailers are doing their best to stay ahead of each other and become the customer’s favourite. Ecommerce fashion leader Myntra is trying out the offline route and shifting its focus from discounts to high-fashion. Koovs is expanding into the Middle East and some etailers are focusing on private labels to make better sales and earn profits soon.
Abof is another specialist in online fashion retail that is trying to woo online shoppers. The online retailer has announced a new kind of shopping experience for customers through the use of better technology.

Abof’s Technology driven shopping experience

The ecommerce company by Aditya Birla Group plans to offer a convenient and distinctive customer experience of the highest degree to its online shoppers. This personalised and convenient shopping experience is powered by technology from IBM and Cloud. Abof’s 100% curated merchandise is also expected to add to the customer experience on the platform.
The President and Chief Executive, Prashant Gupta said, “The business of fashion has experienced extreme change in recent years. Our aim is to create seamless and convenient shopping experiences for our customers in the digital world. This is a start of our cognitive journey and we plan to implement more Watson-enabled solutions in the future to continue our momentum.”
On the enhanced Abof ecommerce platform, customers can use natural language questions to acquire higher personalisation and greater product recommendations. The new discovery tool allows buyers to interact and ask questions about the unique assortments on Abof. And, every question will be answered with a customised response.
For example – the customer question is “Show me red formal shoes under Rs.2000.” This question will be recognised and understood by the system and accordingly, top matches will be displayed to the customer.
This interactive interface for a more intuitive and engaging shopping experience is a result of Abof working with IBM Global Business Services and IBM Research leveraging Watson’s Natural language classifier as well as Retriever and Rank technology.
The General Manager at IBS Global Consumer industries, Steve Laughlin said, “India is the fastest growing e-commerce market and expected to reach $64 billion by 2021. With this exponential growth, India’s retailers need to drive deeper understanding, better engagement, and leverage data more efficiently to enhance the customers’ shopping experience. With IBM Watson, abof can make the customer shopping experience more personalized, informed and enjoyable, similar to the engaging service shoppers could get in a physical store.
This is not the first time Abof has sought IBM’s help for improved customer experience. In 2016 IBM equipped Abof with a scalable online retail platform, impeccable order fulfilment options and innovative customer engagement facilities like visual trial rooms in 3D. The etailer has its own experience zone to enhance the online shopping process. These efforts combined are aimed to provide personalised shopping experiences and faster delivery to keep customers happy and loyal to the Abof brand.

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