Thursday 27 October 2016

Why you must use more technology in your online sales
The history of sales has changed drastically through the ages, and a few ideas have changed the process forever. When Amazon created the first online store in the 90s, The idea was simple – instead of bringing customers to the store, bring the store to the customers. This meant saving resources on inventory storage and display and more space to showcase a larger inventory size, even the eclectic, niche items.
Soon, online selling took off like wildfire – Amazon expanded from selling books online to other products. ebay developed the same idea to come up with an ‘online garage sale’ concept. Today, online buying and selling is a common phenomenon in every household. We prefer buying online through stores like Flipkart and Snapdeal, rather than going to a physical store.
Of course, looking at the other side of the spectrum, we are also starting to prefer selling online through these stores, rather than from a physical one, right? This is because we get a chance to earn more, by actually investing less. Since our selling process is based on harnessing technology, doesn’t it make sense to intelligently employ technology to improve our sales. Allow us to give you 4 irrefutable reasons that will convince you to employ cutting edge technology in your online sales.

Why Go for technology in your sales process?

1. Technology Helps You Save Time

There are a lot of sales tools available in the market that help you do the more mundane tasks quicker – the best examples are sales and inventory management software. These software automatically collect and format your sales data across multiple channels and store it in one database, saving loads of time. Apart from that, you can purchase tools that specialise in managing and editing your online catalogues. Technology also helps you reduce the processing time on your orders. Your barcodes and shipping labels can be automatically printed a press of a button. This works wonders in saving your inventory dispatching and invoicing time.

2. Technology Increases Efficiency and Reduces Mistakes

Of course, just speeding up your process is not enough. To be successful with your sales you also need to focus on reducing your mistakes. We have seen so many cases where vendors make simple errors like mixing up SKU codes or copying/pasting the wrong product information. Technology at your service again – use automated customer database management systems to track and save all your customer data. It also means having a system that can reduce copy pasting errors and efficiently recalls data when required. Why do it the hard way if you can do it the smart way?

3. Technology Helps You to be More Professional

Like it or not, technology is the way to the future. As an online business owner, professionalism is how you will achieve respect and trustworthiness with the customer and even score brownie points in terms of the all important seller ratings. We recommend using customer relationship management or CRM software, to bring more professionalism in your sales game.
These software are specifically designed to store all the relevant shopping data of a particular customer, from their shopping history to items that they might be interested in. You can then employ the software to have a more personal, customised touch to your service and send timely emails automatically to your customers regarding the status of their purchase. This is a great way of achieving customer loyalty.

4. Technology Helps You Make Smarter Decisions

Using the right technology gives you an incredible amount of analyzable data. You can track your professional online presence and customer interactions on all your sales channels and pull out valuable data such as peak sales timings, location and channel wise sales that go a long way in helping you strategize business for the future. Apart from this, it can help you clear your lines of communication between your customers and your coworkers. While the right inventory management software can give you excellent data and analytics, you could also choose to use more specialised sales analytics tools that delve deeper into your online presence as a seller and match it with the current market trends and patterns.
All in all, there are so many tools out in the market for you to employ in your online sales business. Your job is to choose wisely and decide which tools you want and which you don’t

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